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Aura Profile Management Services Celebrates Esteemed Professionals with Honorary Doctorates from International Universities


Aura Profile Management Services proudly announces the nomination and honorary doctorate awards bestowed upon a distinguished group of professionals, recognizing their outstanding contributions to various fields. These accomplished individuals have been acknowledged by prestigious international universities for their exceptional achievements and dedication to their respective domains.

Sankalp Srivastava – Music

Renowned for his exceptional talent and mastery in the realm of music, Sankalp Srivastava has left an indelible mark on the industry. With a career spanning decades, he has elevated the art form and inspired countless aspiring musicians globally.

Manmohan Singh – Social Work

A stalwart in the field of social work, Manmohan Singh has dedicated his life to creating positive social change. His tireless efforts in addressing societal issues and championing humanitarian causes have earned him widespread recognition.

Santosh Kumar Patra – Education

Santosh Kumar Patra’s significant contributions to the field of education have played a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future generations. His innovative approach and commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment have garnered him this prestigious honor.

Sajo Prakash – Business Administration

A luminary in the world of business administration, Sajo Prakash’s strategic vision and leadership have propelled organizations to new heights. His innovative solutions and business acumen have been instrumental in shaping the corporate landscape.

Sagar Narayan Waychale – Education

Sagar Narayan Waychale’s commitment to education and his transformative impact on academic institutions have earned him well-deserved recognition. His dedication to fostering a culture of learning and excellence is reflected in this honorary doctorate.

Jasinha Manuel – Education

Jasinha Manuel’s dedication to the field of education has been exemplary. Her innovative teaching methods and commitment to student development have set a benchmark in the academic community, earning her this esteemed accolade.

Deepali Banerjee – Business Administration

Deepali Banerjee’s exceptional leadership in the world of business administration has been a driving force behind organizational success. Her strategic insights and management prowess have distinguished her in the business community.

Dr. Falak Vazir Khan – Public Service

Dr. Falak Vazir Khan’s unwavering commitment to public service has positively impacted communities and individuals. Her selfless contributions to societal welfare have earned her this honorary doctorate, recognizing her as a beacon of public service.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar Panda – English Literature

A luminary in the realm of English literature, Dr. Ajoy Kumar Panda’s scholarly contributions and literary achievements have garnered international acclaim. His work has not only enriched the literary landscape but also inspired aspiring writers and scholars.

Moinuddin Khan – Occupational Health Safety Environment System

Acknowledged for revolutionizing Occupational Health Safety Environment (OHSE) systems, Moinuddin Khan has significantly reduced workplace incidents, fostering a culture of safety and environmental responsibility.

Jem Anand Rodrigues – Occupational Health Safety and Environment Health System

Recognized for outstanding contributions to Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Health systems, Jem Anand Rodrigues has successfully implemented holistic approaches, ensuring workplaces prioritize employee well-being and ecological sustainability.

Dr Lalit Gupta – Cybersecurity

A distinguished expert in Cyber Security, Dr. Lalit Gupta has received accolades for pioneering strategies that have fortified digital landscapes, protecting organizations against cyber threats and ensuring robust online security.

Besides, Aura Profile Management Services proudly announces the nomination and bestowal of honorary doctorate awards upon distinguished practitioners of occult sciences. These individuals, revered for their expertise in the mystical arts, have received recognition from prestigious international universities for their exceptional contributions to the field.

Yogi Dhyan Nath

Yogi Dhyan Nath is celebrated for his mastery in Tantra Healing and expertise in Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, and Lama Yogmaya. His profound knowledge and dedication to holistic healing practices have garnered international recognition.

Anand Nagaraj Ranganaj

Anand Nagaraj Ranganaj’s extensive expertise in psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, and yoga has earned him this prestigious honor. His contributions to the field have positively impacted countless individuals seeking mental and emotional well-being.

Neerja Malik

Neerja Malik’s mastery in Lama Yogmaya, Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, and Reiki has been recognized with an honorary doctorate. As a Grand Master, she has played a pivotal role in promoting spiritual wellness and healing.

Ranjeetha Balamurugan

Ranjeetha Balamurugan’s diverse expertise in Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, Lama Yogmaya, Lama Vastu, and Reiki has earned her a distinguished position among recipients of honorary doctorates. Her commitment to energy healing is truly commendable.

Kiran .N

Kiran .N’s innovative work in nonverbal hypnosis, coupled with expertise in Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, Lama Yogmaya, Lama Vastu, and Reiki, has garnered well-deserved recognition from international academic institutions.

Maj Sarvjyot Kaur

Maj Sarvjyot Kaur’s contributions to Reiki, Lama Fera, and Lama Tai Qi have been acknowledged with an honorary doctorate, highlighting her dedication to holistic healing practices.

Vamsi S Krisshnaa

Vamsi S Krisshnaa’s multifaceted expertise, ranging from Reiki, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, Lama Vastu, and Lama Yogmaya to life coaching and counseling, has earned him an honorary doctorate, recognizing his comprehensive approach to holistic well-being.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur’s proficiency in Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, Lama Yogmaya, Lama Vastu, and Reiki has been honored with an esteemed doctorate, underscoring his significant contributions to energy healing.

Rupesh Kumar

Rupesh Kumar’s extensive expertise in Lama Fera, Tai Qi, Lama Vastu, Reiki, and various therapeutic practices has earned him a prestigious honorary doctorate.

Deepthi Jadhav

Deepthi Jadhav’s mastery in Lama Fera, Lama Tai Qi, Lama Yogmaya, Lama Vastu, and Reiki has been recognized with an honorary doctorate, highlighting her commitment to holistic healing.

Swami Ananat Nirakar – Occult Science

Honored for his profound knowledge in Occult Science, Swami Ananat Nirakar is celebrated for unraveling ancient mysteries, contributing to a deeper understanding of the mystical realms and enriching the field with his profound insights.

Aura Profile Management Services extends its heartfelt congratulations to these esteemed professionals on their well-deserved honorary doctorates. The recognition from international universities underscores their exceptional achievements and the positive impact they have made in their respective fields. This prestigious honor further solidifies their status as leaders and trailblazers in their domains.


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