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“Khadiology as Fashion: A Tribute to Tradition, Education, and Sustainability” 


MUMBAI ,With a Mantra of ‘Khadi for nation, Khadi for fashion’ Khadiology as Fashion show was organized in Mazgaon Mumbai at St. Peter’s School. Khadi holds a significant place in India’s history, as it has been associated with the country’s struggle for independence and is considered a symbol of self-reliance and sustainability. Celebrating India’s heritage textile, Khadi, KVIC in collaboration with Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust has announced its “Khadiology as Fashion” show to resonate with the vision of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan,’ as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 The event featured a remarkable Khadi fashion show, where school students graced the runway in exquisite Khadi ensembles. The “Khadiology as Fashion” show aims to emphasize the enduring appeal of Khadi in the world of contemporary fashion and promote the use of this eco-friendly, handspun fabric. 

The show featured a vibrant and diverse range of Khadi outfits, showcasing the versatility of this fabric. Students from St. Peter’s School, Mazgaon, walked the runway, demonstrating the timeless charm and elegance of Khadi clothing. This event seeks to inspire the younger generation to embrace Khadi as a fashion statement, thereby supporting local artisans and promoting sustainable fashion choices. In alignment with the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative, this event showcases the beauty and versatility of Khadi, a fabric deeply rooted in Indian tradition. Through the lens of fashion, the Trust emphasizes the importance of supporting local artisans and craftspeople. Khadi, long associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s call for self-sufficiency and independence, has become a cornerstone of sustainable fashion. The “Khadiology as Fashion” show at St. Peter’s School, Mazgaon, on 26th October, is a testament to the Trust’s commitment to preserving this legacy. The event not only promotes the use of Khadi in contemporary fashion but also reinforces the importance of empowering local communities and fostering economic growth at the grassroots level.

This exceptional event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Shri Narayan Rane, Union MSME Minister, Vinit Kumar, CEO KVIC, SMT. R. Vimala, IAS (CEO, MKVIB, Maharashtra), Her Excellency Ms. Andrea Kuhn, Consul General, Republic of South Africa, Mrs. Nidarshana Gowani, Trustee, Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust, Yogesh Bhamare, State Director, KVIC, Maharashtra, and various other dignitaries from Germany and US.

Union Minister, Shri Narayan Rane, shared insights on the importance of Khadi in the context of micro, small, and medium enterprises, showcasing its potential to create economic opportunities for artisans and craftspeople. Further, Minister highlighted how Khadi contributes to the MSME sector and the larger vision of self-reliance promoted by the government. He emphasizes the economic empowerment of artisans and craftspeople, underlining the importance of supporting local crafts in the context of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.’ Minister also appreciated the ‘Khadiology as Fashion’ show for encouraging the younger generation.

Speaking about the event, Mrs. Nidarshana Gowani, Trustee of the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust, said, “We are honored to contribute to the ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ initiatives through our ‘Khadiology as Fashion’ show. Khadi represents the spirit of self-reliance and sustainability, values at the heart of these initiatives. By showcasing Khadi as a modern, stylish choice, we hope to inspire a new generation to embrace local products and contribute to the vision of a self-reliant India. “Khadiology, as a fashion initiative, aims to instill love and pride for khadi among the younger generation.”

Her Excellency Ms. Andrea Kuhn, Consul General of the Republic of South Africa, shared a unique perspective on how Khadi’s sustainable ethos resonates on a global scale and its potential for international collaboration.

The evening also witnessed the prestigious Trendsetter Award being presented to Principal Mr. Eugene D’monte, Prof (Mrs.) Safina Shahid Rakhangi, and Adv. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh. Renowned designers and a choreographer were also felicitated for their creativity and contribution to the fashion industry. Their innovative designs and artistic choreography have significantly impacted the realm of fashion, inspiring generations. The event also promises to be an enchanting amalgamation of tradition and modernity, celebrating the enduring legacy of Khadi while acknowledging the remarkable achievements of individuals in education and fashion.


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